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The pain and anger in my news feed today is familiar. I remember refusing to get out of bed on November 2, partially due to a hang over, and mostly due to utter defeat and hopelessness. I remember spending months on end tirelessly struggling to gain support and grassroots momentum for Kerry, and to witness all that hope and energy crash and burn as I sat at a bar with my new friends of democracy. I remember saying the same words, “How could this happen?”  I see friends, coworkers, even family members today lashing out in anger, crying in hopelessness, and searching in bewilderment for answers of “Why? How could we have done this to them?” Well, you aren’t going to like the answer America; you did this to yourself, and if you had paid attention you would have seen it coming.

There are most assuredly two America’s. The left and right, democrat and republican, are no longer applicable; the lines have blurred. Obviously they’ve blurred if you have registered democrats voting for the most anti-democrat candidate in history. So how did it happen? Today many of my Dems are crying out that America is more racist than we thought. Really? We thought America was tolerant? I’ll tell you what, we are tolerant. We’ve been tolerant. We’ve watched as a significant chunk of America took political correctness to a whole new level. We were tolerant while our hard work was taken and handed off to someone who wouldn’t or couldn’t work themselves. Does this mean we hate people? Does this mean we want them to suffer? Not in the slightest, but we are all clamoring today to believe that is the case. Most people that I know who voted for Trump are hard-working, compassionate people like us Dems claim to be. But they take it a step further, they are giving back. And I am sure there is a collection of Democrats that give back in their communities on their own, just like I’m sure there’s an equal collection of uneducated red-neck Trump supporters out there too. But are we the majority? Or do we just talk about giving back? Do we demand the country establish laws to give back? Do we just throw a $5 in the collection plate at mass and say a few Our Fathers and consider our hands clean of what’s happened to our country?

The majority that voted for Trump didn’t vote to turn their backs on immigrants. The majority has friends or even family that are immigrants. They voted to turn their backs on freebies. You want to be a part of the Great America? Then prove it. But don’t think you can sneak in the back door and we haven’t noticed for the last 30 years. It should not surprise us that they came out to vote in this election in the face of opening the flood gate of American Freebies, and finally put their fed up foot down. It shouldn’t surprise us that they are the majority.

Depending on upbringing, I think many Democrats eventually grow up. We get jobs and start planning our futures. We watch people around us do less and less while we pick up the slack. There are two paths to take at that point; fight the injustice of freeloaders, or give in and join them. I can understand your initial surprise at the sheer number of people who voted for Trump. Do you know why you are surprised? Because your conservative pissed off voter isn’t shouting from the roof tops, or the radio, or a damn parade float. They are listening, and have been listening. If only the racist, vocal, uneducated Trump supporters had voted, then we could expect Hillary to win. But they weren’t the only voters, and you my Dems, didn’t pay attention. This one is on you America, reap what you sow. But remember, if you choose to stay you are choosing to be a part of America. And right or wrong, I don’t think you have the choice to NOT be American in America anymore. We just made it mandatory with years of complacency, yelling, and failure to pay attention. We allowed the media to twist both candidates in to fun-house mirror representations of who they were. We allowed the candidates to feed and build these images to an even higher level of absurdity. We never said, “stop”. “Enough.” Well, now we all have to deal with it. They never said no either. They didn’t say anything…. until election night. Now come hell or high water, you and the world will have to listen for 4 years. I hope America made the right choice, and I pray that this country can pull itself together again. I pray that this is the reset America needs to grow strong in their convictions, provide a system of growth and opportunity, and reduce the ideology of handouts and lack of accountability running rampant in the street. There is nothing wrong with accountability. There is no sin in stating failures. We need to stop pretending that everything is acceptable and everyone is a winner. Start holding yourselves accountable Dems, because America just did.