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In 1 second you could understand gratitude in an accident.

In 10 seconds you can determine if the person you just met is a good person.

In 30 seconds you can reheat chicken fat to a liquid for your dogs breakfast.

In 1 minute…you might find out you’re a parent.

In a 2-minute conversation you could find out you lost your baby.

In 5 minutes you can make ramen.

In 10 minutes you should be able to unsubscribe from all of your junk mail.

In 15 minutes you learn that boys are mean, boys do what they want.

In 20 minutes you can make rice.

In 25 minutes, if you care about anything, you could cut all ties with your secret affairs and focus only on your wife.

In 30 minutes you could run a 5K.

In 35 minutes you could face your fear of sharks out in the ocean.

In 40 minutes you could count down to your husband’s 40th birthday and surprise him with a trip to Hawaii.

In 50 minutes you could have a massage, but its not worth taking your clothes off for less than 90 minutes.

In 55 minutes you could lose your fucking mind and grip entirely on reality.

In 60 minutes it’s possible to finish an online lecture about six sigma green belt methodology.

In 1 day you might find out that your life was built on a lie.

In 1 week you might find that lie was bullshit.

In 1 conversation you can find humiliation.

In one moment you might open your eyes.

In one instant you can have a Polaroid photo.

In one instant you should be grateful.

In one instant you could lose it all.

In one breath………fuck.